Victor Spiteri - Malta Playing Arts

Victor Spiteri

‘Dig in and dig it’ (Technical Ecstasy 2005, mixed media, 131x46x8cm) is an agriculturally-oriented Gozitan installation integrating, Cubist-style, five vinyl records attached to a well-used garden spade absurdly interconnected to a stringed cello top of scroll, pegs, neck, fingerboard and bridge. The cello’s tailpiece, on top of the metal part of the spade, is shape-bent from the fifth record to hold the strings with the blue record label and spindle hole at the bottom centre. Two musical turns (gruppetti) are turned upright and added to the metal spade. The viewer understands the musical allegory but cannot yet hear it, as for now it is a mute sound box.

(text by Margit Waas)