Tuck Box Back

Tuck box back,
Charmaine Gerada

The Republic of Malta lies in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which is surrounded by 20 nations inhabited by more than 400 million people. Malta’s playful ‘Cover Girl’ is a Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin (sterling silver filigree and turquoise gemstone, 3.5x8cm). Filigree making (→Back) dates to the Phoenicians (read 4, Ace and 2) and is distinct to the Mediterranean basin. Silver or gold granules are poured into moulds which produce ingots after cooling and are then stretched into thin wire and hand-wound into shapes, with ornate designs being most prized and valuable.

Coastal dolphins are globally among the best-known marine mammals. Dolphins are highly mobile and found in all of the world’s oceans and seas; this flexible touring exhibition too aims to travel far and wide. Dolphins are intelligent, communicative and sociable animals, a group is a ‘school’. Here our sea blue-eyed Delphis, from Greek meaning ‘womb’, encases all cards in the deck, a pack of 58 professional artists is presenting a myriad of Maltese schools of art as practised in the 21st century.

(text by Margit Waas)