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The Engraving Artisan

Gone clubbing: the Maltese hosts and Diaspora visitors (→6♠) are having a last round (→4) before re-boarding the cruise liner (→4♠). Whether the glass is half-full or -empty is no longer a question, this suit is the last quarter, a final toast and a few more sips before the last drop.

Handcrafted engraving and etching is considered a dying art form by many and is under threat from industrial techniques. Looking at the glass (relief illusion by intaglio abrasion, 19x7x7cm), one can see the Grand Harbour’s East and West breakwater structures, with the lighthouses of Ricasoli (also known as Gallows Point) in the foreground and St Elmo on the left; both restored in 2012 and already featured in the background of the first stamp on 4♠. Did ‘Anyone’ (→Box flap) notice that all four 4s are commercially available?

(text by Margit Waas)