Stephan D. Mifsud - Malta Playing Arts

Stephan D. Mifsud

Four mythical legends are explored, clockwise from right. (1) The Neolithic Ġgantija ‘Giants’ temple complex in Gozo is the oldest freestanding building in the world and was believed to have been built by big-hearted giantess Sansuna who singlehandedly built the temples in one day and a night. Here her work is being watched by a giant Cyclops. (2) The tale of a well-dwelling creature (belliegħa tal-bir) warns children not to approach wells on their own. (3) A small demon jinn (brejbes), who moves fast and seeks higher ground, teases and harasses young people. Cross my heart, he is a persistent liar who manages to make bad deeds look good. (4) A disfigured man with a rough head (wajju): “Everyone shuns the poor man who is permanently heart-broken. […] He may have been sickened and flawed by disease but some believe that he is the human embodiment of the moon’s spirit” (from The Maltese Bestiary: An illustrated guide to the mythical flora and fauna of the Maltese islands, Nov. 2014, pp. (1) 66/69, (2) 51, (3) 79, (4) 63).

(text by Margit Waas)