Paulina Rihova - Malta Playing Arts

Paulina Rihova

Having been amply fed, it is time to play and tour some sights around the archipelago. In existence since antiquity, the spinning top (żugraga) is a toy with an upturned ♠-tip by design to maximise the spin while motion causes it to remain precisely balanced because of inertia (for spin top in action watch Inception 2010, with Leonardo DiCaprio). Here a handmade spin top (beech wood and acrylics, 10x4x3cm) is the deck’s young “Dancing Queen” (ABBA 1976), as in the song, only 17. On the reverse, seconds later she is literally at the end of her rope, handing over her rei(g)n to the next card.

(text by Margit Waas)