Maurice Vella - Malta Playing Arts

Maurice Vella

Black Jack is a species of large ocean fish in the jack family, a suitably maritime reference to the Maltese Islands. The ♠-shaped fish also represents Jack the Lad and Jack-of-all-trades. This intricate scrap art work (Sargu 2014, 30x50x13cm, front only) is mounted on a wooden inner frame onto which all manner of shiny objects are placed, such as cutlery ends for the tail and fins, while the body is made up of you-name-it, nuts ’n’ bolts ’n’ screws ’n’ pins, nails, wires, batteries, a buckle, copper, button, key, thimble, cog, coin, spent bullet shell, metallic bit of a lighter, plastic, part of a bottle opener, corned beef opener, face of an ampere-meter and hundreds of other publicly discarded items which litter Maltese roads and countryside.

(text by Margit Waas)