Marika Borg - Malta Playing Arts

Marika Borg

Still at sea, Dame ‘Jackie’ (oil and acrylics, 59x42cm) is readying to roll into homeport and drop her anchor, with the galleon figurehead (pulena) coming in full frontal on the ship’s prow, sword at the ready in her left hand (→King). Along her unchartered voyage (although ‘Anyone’ (→Box flap) may have spotted her on the horizon →Queen), each card after being played hops aboard – except for one – and all but five are already stowed away in the tuck box. Therefore her coat-of-arms is unframed on the shield; however, when close to her chest, the suit emblems are framed. These are deliberately portrayed in jumbled order and juxtaposed colouring as a few cards are yet to be collected (read 10) and tucked into the box. Behind her is Isla Point (→stone lookout vedette on 6♠), revealing she is deep inside Grand Harbour.

(text by Margit Waas)