John Grima - Malta Playing Arts

John Grima

This ultramodern 3.5m tall hard stone sculpture (Evolution 2014, Gozitan upper coralline limestone, 1540kg) stands in the sculpture garden of Verdala Palace, the summer residence of the President of Malta, which is inaccessible to the public, except on rare occasions (unlike 9♠, 9and the pinkie of 5♣). The heaviest artwork of the set says ‘Limestone is No.1 King’, a pivotal Maltese medium and prized since it is made from the very ground we walk on. Limestone permeates almost all aspects of Maltese life, most houses and innumerable monuments or artworks are built and created from this material (→4♠, background of 5♠, 5and 3♣, guard tower(s) of 6♠, 2and Queen, as well as various backgrounds of photo collage in walkthrough).

(text by Margit Waas)