James Micallef Grimaud - Malta Playing Arts

James Micallef Grimaud

Food for thought is provided by a stray kitten strolling in, trying to debunk the myth of a cat’s nine lives; like the homeless, displaced people and refugees (→8), street animals can lead a rough life. Spray-painted graffiti (240x170cm) is always open to the public at Msida Skatepark, still the only legal place in Malta for street artists to express themselves.

Happy Paws (HP), founded in 2004, is a charity organisation dedicated to helping the stray animal population in Malta and the people who care for them. HP’s Veterinary Clinic is the only spay and neuter clinic of its kind on the islands. Since opening the clinic in 2008 they have treated more than 38,000 animals (as of 30 June 2015), including wild, feral and injured ones, such as migratory birds (→Ace). HP mainly finances the organisation by operating charity shops and book-tiques. Apart from the resident veterinary staff, HP is entirely run by volunteers and currently well over 70 people are actively involved.

(text by Margit Waas)