Isabel Warrington - Malta Playing Arts

Isabel Warrington

N-o-w, swaying down the gangway and ready to play are the cheeky pranksters, the fictional super-villains (such as The Joker in ‘Batman’ which first appeared in 1940), they are the two nemeses, that is ‘to give what is due’:

red JKR Taking the lead as the bells start to toll, a ballerina-shod jokeress (pulċinella/ġowker) disembarks in a holey see-through baby- doll dress, an adaptation of a cardinal’s vestments in a lace smock and sleeves (→2♣). She daintily tippy-toes into view, scenting all she surveys and teasingly batting her extra long eyelashes. Incensed, she is implacable justice, seeing through it all and taking an irreverent stand at the state of the church in Malta by wink-nudging the clergy to top prioritise putting their house in order which she wears as a jester’s hat on her head (pencil and ink, 30x21cm; for diacritic marks ċ and ġ read 3♠).

(text by Margit Waas)