Alvalenti - Malta Playing Arts


“In cartomancy, the King of clubs has the meaning of good character and loyalty and the realization of ideals. The card is said to be one who has great power, but one who is not aware of this, and is outwardly cheerful but inwardly reserved. The King of clubs is said to have a natural affinity for the Queen of diamonds” (King (playing card), Wikipedia). Dancing at the last ball of the season is the ‘Slim King’ (ink, crayons and water-colours, 60x42cm) who was reserved for a final twirl at the end of the night (“Save the last dance for me”, The Drifters 1960). Above, the waning moon plays the dual endnote because this king is the second last card of the set. Maltese fireworks reach their pyrotechnic finale (kaxxa nfernali) to welcome home ‘Jackie’ and her passengers. The festa is almost over, nearly time to clear the decks.

(text by Margit Waas)